Good Enough


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Written April 17th, 2012
Released September 1, 2012


“I found refuge in you under my shame.
I found refuge in you among my mistakes.
Surprise, surprise. I fell again this time.
Surprise, surprise. You caught me, so I didn’t feel it.” (I said)

(Verse 1)
I told you that one day, here on this earth some day,
You will find love, stomach trust and give up your ways
Of cutting yourself down by the waist
And saying you’re not good enough for anyone now, anyway.
Between the dresses, a princess of lace,
Looking in her purse for her cigarette case,
And she’s searching for something to put her old self away,
She can’t remember if it was just first base or all the way.
“Now, are you even listening to me? I mean,
In the mirror, do you only see you or just your body?
You’re bruised, you’re bitter, you’re barely breathing.
Swimming in liquor, like a fish when you’re drinking.
Your charm is fading, evaporating self-esteem.
It kills me to see you contemplating selling yourself for nothing.
Even in your worst nightmares you would have never dreamed.
But I know it’s not a party partner, drinking buddy or a D.D.,
Deep down a real friend’s what you need from me.

You. You…

(Verse 2)
You told me that one day, it’s just gonna be you & me.
Me and you together forever, every day, happily.
I guess I was foolish enough to believe you
And do things to please you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
Breathe in Marlboros just to keep skinny.
Drinking so I don’t care that the boys are staring.
The loneliness is catching up with me tonight.
I escape to keep from puking. I call you up. “Can I stop by?”
As I’m walking up to your worn down house,
It occurs to me it’s at least 4 in the morning.
How’d I get this bad? I can’t imagine.
Your lights turn on, now, I am dying
To meet you at your back door so I can tell you
That I am glad you’re here. Gotta keep from crying.
At a time like this, I don’t remember when I ever needed you more.

You. You deserve so much more than what you settle for.
You. You’re giving up, but you are good enough.

(Verse 3)
You settle for less, because you think you deserve it.
We only accept the kind of love we think that romance is.
Lusting, loathing, hurting, holding
Onto finding someone else to keep ourselves going.
But I am here for you to notice. I want you to know this.
Because when it happens, you’ll hear this,
You will soon find love within yourself. It’s only hidden.
You deserve so much more. You just need to believe it.”
Your sun sets. Yeah, your sun sets. Don’t be so upset.
Your sun sets, but it will rise again. And it’ll say,
“I finally found you and what I’ve been missing!”

(Chorus) 2x

“I found refuge in you under my shame.
I found refuge in you among my mistakes.
Sunrise, sunrise. You thought you lost your shine.
Sunrise, sunrise. You’re good enough, you need to believe it. (You said)


released September 4, 2012



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